Easily build a globally diversified, long term portfolio.

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Why Catalyst?

Easy to Use

Whether you are an experienced broker or just planning for your retirement, Catalyst’s simple yet eye-catching design allows you to navigate through all the features with zero hassle.

Diversified Funds

Catalyst offers a wide range of low cost dVam funds which are exposed to internationally diversified markets.

Zero Commitment

Withdraw your funds freely whenever you want without any terms.

Save & Invest

We give you the best of both worlds – if you have extra cash you can opt to invest and see it grow or save it for a rainy day.

Predict your Wealth

Use our Wealth Forecast Calculator to calculate how much money you can earn.

Load and convert money in up to 27 currencies instantly and securely, whilst saving on exchange rates.

With the multi-currency deVere Vault Prepaid Mastercard®, you can spend money online, in store or at any ATM locations across the globe.
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Why Vault?


Load, convert, and send money in only 2 seconds and stay up to date with all your transactions, thanks to real-time push notifications.

An all-rounder

Enjoy using an all-one app that helps you save, spend, and keep track of your money wherever you are in the world.

Keeping it Real

Exchange, store and pay in 27 currencies at the real exchange rates without paying hidden fees.

Auto Payments

Set up automatic payments to help you make regular payments on time and budget your money more easily.

Extra Secure

Freeze/unfreeze your card on the go and personalise your security by disabling the contactless Magstripe.

Buy, sell, store and exchange cryptocurrency effortlessly.

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Why Crypto?

Best selections

Interact with the world’s best digital coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Secure Crypto Wallets

Store your funds in the Crypto Wallet which will be used to buy any of the cryptocurrencies available securely, either via password or Face ID.

Diversified Crypto

Our range of cryptocurrencies will allow you to invest in multiple coins for your portfolio to ensure you a rewarding outcome.


Use our crypto tracker to monitor your market position and performance with our live graphs that display daily, weekly, monthly and yearly price data.


There’s no need to be tech-savvy to use deVere Crypto. Our app is easy to use, helping for crypto trading to be more efficient.


Create your International Trust and ensure your finances are caught up with today’s fast-moving world.

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Why Atom?

Know it All

Keep track of your International Trust and effortlessly monitor your portfolio performance.

Easy Access

You can access the app from wherever you are – using either iOS and Android systems on both mobile phones and tablets

Experienced Help

A Settlor Adviser from a highly skilled team will help you create your International Trust through the app to ensure success.

Invest to your Comfort

Reach your goal by making monthly investments or a unique lump-sum settlements.


Your Settlor Adviser will guide you to choose a strategy that suits you, taking into consideration your time horizon and risk profile

Make the right investments to achieve your financial goals

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Why deVere Investment?

No Extra Costs

There are no hidden, initial costs when buying structured notes.

A 10k Advantage

Note purchases are sold for a minimum of £10,000, significantly cheaper than any other Brokerage platforms in the market.

Live Market Monitor

Receive instant market news that will help you make better investments that have a more positive future.

No Secrets

There’s nothing to hide – our services offer greater transparency within the banking world.

Low Safekeeping Fees

In order to safely store your investments and look forward to seeing them prosper, our Custodian cost is just 20 basis points.

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